Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Alternative Pro Wrestling in Royston on July 25

From GWH News:
Alternative Pro Wrestling will be at Cherry Street Gym in Royston, GA on July 25. The venue is located at 305 Cherry Street. Bell time is at 8:15 PM.

Midnight Black Featuring Corey Hollis

The Rev interviews Corey Hollis

WWE Results from Tallahassee on July 19

From Brian Slack:
WWE was in Tallahassee, FL on July 19. Results: Sheamus defeated Cesaro to retain the WWE United States championship. Dolph Ziggler defeated Damien Sandow. Adam Rose defeated Damien Sandow. Rusev (w/Lana) defeated Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter). The Great Khali defeated Damien Sandow. The Usos (Jey Uso & Jimmy Uso) defeated RybAxel (Curtis Axel & Ryback) and The Wyatt Family (Erick Rowan & Luke Harper) in a 3 way elimination match to retain the WWE Tag Team championships. Nikki Bella, Paige & Summer Rae defeated Alicia Fox, Layla & Rosa Mendes. Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns defeated Kane & Seth Rollins by DQ. John Cena defeated Bray Wyatt in a street fight to retain the WWE World Heavyweight championship.

July 22 Birthdays and Memoriams

Bob Roop, Shawn Michaels, and Kenny King celebrate birthdays today.

Tony Galento died at the age of 69 on this day in 1979, and Jack Kennedy passed at 68 on the same day. Bad Boy Brown was 75 when he passed away on this day in 1984.

Monday, July 21, 2014

WWE NXT Results from Winter Park on July 17

From Brian Slack:
WWE NXT was in Winter Park, FL on July 17 for a TV taping. Results:

Dark match: Solomon Crowe defeated Travis Tyler.

July 31, 2014 episode: Tyler Breeze defeated Angelo Dawkins. WWE NXT Women's champion Charlotte defeated Becky Lynch in a non title match. WWE NXT Tag Team champions The Ascension (Konnor & Viktor) defeated Mac Miles and an unknown wrestler. Bull Dempsey & Mojo Rawley defeated The Mechanics (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder). Adam Rose (w/The Rosebuds) defeated Tyson Kidd (w/Natalya).

August 7, 2014 episode: Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady defeated Jason Jordan & Tye Dillinger to advance to the next round of the WWE NXT Tag Team championships #1 contenders tournament. CJ Parker defeated Xavier Woods. Bayley defeated Eva Marie. Sami Zayn & Adam Rose defeated Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel to advance to the next round of the WWE NXT Tag Team championships #1 contenders tournament.

August 14, 2014 episode: The Vaudevillains (Aiden English & Simon Gotch) defeated Bull Dempsey & Mojo Rawley to advance to the next round of the WWE NXT Tag Team championships #1 contenders tournament. After the match, Bull Dempsey attacked Mojo Rawley. Bayley defeated Sasha Banks to become the #1 contender for the WWE NXT Women's championship. Sin Cara & Kalisto defeated Buddy Murphy & Wesley Blake to advance to the next round of the WWE NXT Tag Team championships #1 contenders tournament. Adrian Neville defeated Tyler Breeze by DQ after Tyson Kidd interferes to retain the WWE NXT championship. After the match, Tyler Breeze starts fighting with Tyson Kidd. Sami Zayn runs out and gets involved in the fight. Sami Zayn & Adrian Neville defeated Tyson Kidd & Tyler Breeze.

NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling Results from Millersville on July 18

From Brian Slack:
NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling was in Millersville, TN on July 18. Results: LBK defeated Ali Shabazz (w/Judas). Arrick Andrews defeated The Dirty White Boy to retain the NWA Southern Heavyweight championship. Jeremiah Plunkett defeated Shawn Shultz by DQ to retain the NWA Southern Television championship. Arrick Andrews defeated Shawn Shultz. Hammerjack & Tony Falk defeated Gator McAllister & Brother Brew. The Weatherby Brothers (Cody Weatherby & Kevin Weatherby) defeated Ali Shabazz & LBK (w/ Judas) and Team IOU (Nick Iggy & Kerry Awful) to retain the NWA Southern Tag Team championships.

World Xtreme Wrestling Results from Minneola on July 19

From Brian Slack:
World Xtreme Wrestling was in Minneola, FL on July 19. Results: Hans Schultz defeated Brick City Kid. Irish Jack defeated Mikey by DQ after Mikey accidentally hits Irish Jack with a chair that Irish Jack got from the crowd. Sweet Rhythm (Sweet Rhythm) defeated 5-Star ERA (Maxx Stardom & ERA) to win the WXW Tag Team championships. After the match, 5-Star ERA attacked Sweet Rhythm. Noah Kekoa defeated Alexander Page. D Ramos defeated Carlos Rivera by DQ after Alexander Page attacked D Ramos. The Beast ("The Prophet" Alex G & Callista) defeated "Outback Silvaback" Mark Silva after The Beast used the collar & chain on Mark Silva. Sean Maluta defeated Nick Nero after a female member of the Maluta Militia spit green liquid into Nick Nero's face. Due to prematch stipulations, Nick Nero is suspended from WXW for 60 days.

Universal Independent Wrestling Results from Franklin on July 19

From Brian Slack:
Universal Independent Wrestling was in Franklin, GA on July 19. Results: "WildChild" Joey Kidman defeated "The Italian American Bad Boy" Tommy Penirelli. "The Local Scene" Josh Storm defeated "Sweet" Johnny Long. "Dixie Dynamite" Billy Knight & Steve "The Brawler" Lawler defeated Pretty Great (Pretty Boy Floyd & Brian Alexander). Bull Buchanan defeated Brad Lynch to retain the UIW Heavyweight championship. AJ Steele defeated Brian Alexander, "Dixie Dynamite" Billy Knight, "Sweet" Johnny Long, "The Cobra" Tony Calhoun, Dusty MacWilliams, Pretty Boy Floyd, "WildChild" Joey Kidman, Don Yoder, "The Italian American Bad Boy" Tommy Penirelli and Sammy Lightning to win the 3rd Annual Rumble at the Rec match. AJ Steele now has a championship match for anytime and anywhere he wants it. Mickie Knuckles defeated Pandora by count out to retain the UIW Ladies championship after Mickie Knuckles duct taped Pandora's hands to the ring post AJ Steele cashed in his championship match. AJ Steele defeated Bull Buchanan to win the UIW Heavyweight championship.

Trans-South Wrestling Results from Gaffney on July 19

From Brian Slack:
Trans-South Wrestling was in Gaffney, SC on July 19. Results: Dirty defeated Kameron Kade. Deon Johnson defeated George South. The Rock N Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) defeated Tommy "WildFire" Rich & Tom Prichard (w/Thomas Simpson). Alex Avgerinos defeated The Stro (w/Thomas Simpson) by DQ after The Stro wouldn't let Alex Avgerinos wouldn't release the chicken wing. Ricky Morton came to the ring and got The Stro to break the hold.

Note: Jake "The Snake" Roberts was also at the event.

CWF Mid-Atlantic Results from Gibsonville on July 19

From Brian Slack:
CWF Mid-Atlantic was in Gibsonville, NC on July 19. Results: Su Yung defeated Amanda Rodriguez. Arik Royal defeated "The Assassin" Ray Kandrack to advance to the next round of the 2014 Johnny Weaver Cup tournament. Chase Dakota defeated Jason Cade, Frankie Villa and Todd McKinley. PWI Heavyweight champion "One Man Riot" Zane Dawson defeated PWI Ultra J champion Lance Lude. Charlie Weston defeated Chet Sterling to retain the Rising Generation League championship. Mecha Mercenary, Michael McCallister, "The Lost Cause" Nick Richards & Jason Miller defeated "Honky Kong" Evan Banks, "Southpaw" Aric Andrews, "Sho Smoove" Chris Lea & Aaron Biggs. "The Head Honcho" Trevor Lee defeated Rich Swann to advance to the next round of the Johnny Weaver cup tournament. "El Jefe" Manny Garcia defeated Marcellus King and Donnie Dollars by count out in a 3 way to retain the CWF Mid-Atlantic Television championship. Arik Royal defeated Trevor Lee to advance in the 2014 Johnny Weaver cup tournament after Roy Wilkins accidentally hits Trevor Lee.

Showtime Wrestling in Albany on August 2

From GWH News:

Showtime Wrestling will be at the State Theater in Albany, GA, on August 2. Advertised: Jayson Falcone, Joey Kidman, Logan Stevens, William Fix-It, Sir Ian Shire, Lance Alonte, Stunt Marshall, the Cosmic Jammer, and Don Yoder. The venue is located at 313 Pine Avenue. Bell time is at 7:30 PM. Call (229) 344-6678 for more information.

WWE Results from Tampa on July 20

From Brian Slack:
WWE was in Tampa, FL on July 20 for the WWE Battleground PPV. Results:

WWE Battleground Kickoff: Adam Rose (w/The Rosebuds) defeated Fandango after Layla & Summer Rae came out and distracted Fandango. Cameron defeated Naomi.

WWE Battleground PPV: The Usos (Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso) defeated The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) in a 2 out of 3 falls match to retain the WWE Tag Team championships. AJ Lee defeated Paige to retain the WWE Divas championship. Rusev (w/Lana) defeated Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter) by count out. After the match, Rusev puts Jack Swagger in the Accolade. Seth Rollins defeated Dean Ambrose by forfeit because Dean Ambrose was kicked out of the building by Triple H after Dean Ambrose attacked Seth Rollins backstage. After the match, Dean Ambrose attacked Seth Rollins until Seth Rollins escaped in a car. Chris Jericho defeated Bray Wyatt (w/Luke Harper & Erick Rowan). The Miz wins the Intercontinental Championship Battle Royal to win the WWE Intercontinental championship. Others in the match in reverse order of elimination. Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus, Bo Dallas, Heath Slater, Cesaro, Kofi Kingston, Big E, Alberto Del Rio, Titus O'Neil, Ryback, Diego, Damien Sandow, Curtis Axel, R-Truth, Sin Cara, The Great Khali, Zack Ryder and Xavier Woods. John Cena defeated Randy Orton, Roman Reigns and Kane in a fatal 4 way to retain the WWE World Heavyweight championship.

Anarchy Wrestling Television from July 20

From Brian Slack:

Episode 442

NWA Smoky Mountain Television from July 18

From Brian Slack:

July 19, 2014 episode

Global Championship Wrestling in Pell City on July 26

From GWH News:

Global Championship Wrestling will be at the Pell City Civic Center in Pell City, AL, on July 26. Advertised: Micah Taylor defends the GCW Title against A.J. Steele; Tracy Taylor defends the GCW Women’s Title against Amber O’Neal; plus the Unlucky Charms and the Rock & Roll Express. The venue is located at 2801 Stemley Bridge Road. Bell time is at 7:30 PM.

July 21 Birthdays and Memoriams

Neil Guay (a/k/a the Hangman), Giant Silva, and Shawn Stasiak celebrate birthdays today.

Lita Marez died on this day in 2007.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Platinum Championship Wrestling Report from Porterdale on July 19

From Alicia Stockton:

75 fans came to the Main Event in Porterdale, GA to see the aftermath of July 4th's Revolutionary Wargames. The crowd was hot, new feuds began, and old feuds grew deeper.  Kudos to Referee Dustin Robinson for going the distance and officiating every single match on the show.  

Match 1: "The Undead Luchador", Supernatural vs. "The One Man Militia" Jason Collins. 
Winner: "The Undead Luchador", Supernatural by submission.

Collins made a good showing in his debut match at PCW.  He heeled it up with the audience, and he sold Supernatural's attacks well throughout the match. Supernatural knocked him out of the ring, and it looked like he planned to dive on him. Instead he climbed on his back and rode him around the ring like a horse, charming the audience.  Collins held Supernatural up for about thirty seconds before suplexing him, and he got a two count.  Supernatural answered with forearms, then put Collins into a guillotine.  Collins fought out, and pinned Supernatural for a two count.  Supernatural landed a double stomp to the back of Collins' head, and he got a two count.  They exchanged blows.  Supernatural kicked Collins, and he got a two count. Supernatural missed a splash from the top rope, and Collins took advantage with a suplex and a pin attempt. Supernatural kicked out.  Collins set up for a superplex, but Supernatural knocked him down.  Supernatural then hit him with a frog splash that afforded him a two count.  Supernatural locked in the guillotine and Collins tapped.  The opener really pumped up the crowd, and it set the tone for the rest of the show.  

Southeastern Championship Wrestling Report from Knoxville on July 19

Photo courtesy of Tim Walker
From Larry Goodman:

The second television taping by Southeastern Championship Wrestling was another excellent southern style wrestling show. 

Opportunities to see the Tennessee brand done with this kind of quality are few and far between these days, so these shows are a pleasure for me as a long-time fan of the genre, and evidently the Knoxville fans think so too. 

Another full house was in attendance at the Knoxville Civic Auditorium Ballroom of approximately 200. Like last time, the fans were super responsive all night long. What was more impressive is that this was almost a 3 hour show and the crowd was hot for every match and showed no signs of tiring. 

There were many similarities with the June event, mostly good and one definitely not so good.
Match quality was as good or better than the first show. A few additions and upgrades have been made to the roster. The crowd is into the key angle and they all advanced nicely. Vordell Walker and Shane Williams had another top notch bout. 

Now for the bad news -- both shows suffered from production issues that reduced the total usable television footage to four hours instead of the planned six hours. Camera operation problems at the June taping resulted in lost footage. Last night, the production crew from FOX 43 didn’t have enough memory cards to last out the show. Two key matches were scrapped and the Walker/Williams probably won’t be seen in its entirety. Fortunately, the TV show doesn’t debut until July 26, so SECW has enough footage to air until the August taping.

GWH to Shut Down Main Site; News, Podcasts Continue

From Rich Tate:

It is with great sadness that I must report that after much deliberation, the Georgia Wrestling History site will shut down operations at the end of August. I have accepted a career challenge through a promotion that has greatly increased my responsibilities and will no longer allow me to commit the personal time required to put forth the work on this site that I expect of myself and our visitors deserve.

However, I am delighted to announce that Larry Goodman and Brian Slack will continue to maintain the news blog, and will also keep the Facebook and Twitter updates coming. Additionally, I am pleased to say that the crews of the Peach State Pandemonium and Georgia Wrestling Now programs will resume podcasts as well.

I put a lot of time and effort into building the various entities of GWH over the years, so when the crash at the end of 2010 happened and essentially killed a lot of that, I admittedly lost the passion I once had. I hope that my goals of providing information and entertainment that at one time could not be found on the Internet were met, and that those whose work we were honoring feel we did them justice. That’s all I ever hoped to get out of it, and I appreciate the support that we have had over the years.

Thank you for making GWH a regular part of your web surfing since 2002.

Ohio Valley Wrestling in Elizabethtown on July 26

From GWH News:

Ohio Valley Wrestling will be at the Vaughn Reno Starks Community Center in Elizabethtown, KY, on July 26. The venue is located at 105 Bishop Lane. The doors open at 6:30 PM and bell time is at 7:30.

WWE NXT in Daytona Beach on July 26

From GWH News:

WWE NXT will be at the Midtown Cultural & Educational Center in Daytona Beach, FL, on July 26. Advertised: Adrian Neville, Colin Cassady, Sami Zayn, Mojo Rawley, Tyler Breeze, Charlotte, and Sasha Banks. The venue is located at 925 George W. Engram Boulevard. Bell time is at 7:30 PM.

July 20 Birthdays and Memoriams

Mike Sanders celebrates a birthday today.

August Ahrens died on this day in 1951, and June Byers was 76 when she passed in 1998. Danny Johnson passed away at the age of 49 on this day in 2003, and ‘Lord’ Alfred Hayes died at 77 in 2005. Woodie Johnson died at the age of 80 on this day in 2009, and Goldie Rogers passed at 61 in 2012.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Southern Fried Championship Wrestling in Monroe on August 9

From GWH News:

Southern Fried Championship Wrestling will be at the Nowell Recreation Center in Monroe, GA, on August 9. Advertised: Twisted defends the SFCW Georgia Title against Chris Nelms; Steve Lawler vs. Murder One; Logan Creed vs. Nigel Sherrod; Josh Storm & Pandora vs. A.J. Steele & Amber O’Neal; plus Big Andy, Lobo, and Leatherface. The venue is located at 201 W. Spring Street. The doors open at 6:00 PM and bell time is at 7:00. Call (770) 601-3676 for more information.

Ring of Honor Report from Cincinnati on July 18

From Trent Van Drisse:

ROH made it's return to Cincinnati, Ohio last night at the Masonic Center, a somewhat unique for pro wrestling theater-ish type venue in downtown Cincy. My wife and I have attended every show since they started running here sporadically a few years ago. This was the biggest crowd I've seen them have here, up over the 500 mark, and more women in the crowd than ever, and some attractive ones at that, which is a good sign of something for sure. Joe Dombrowski & Steve Corino were the commentators for this show, and Scarlett Bordeaux was the ring announcer. They announced a return to Ohio in Columbus, for Friday, November 7th. I'd rate this show in the good to very good range overall.

Nigel McGuinness came out and announced Michael Bennett could not appear tonight due to food poisoning, and that Alex Koslov could not appear due to a separated shoulder. McGuinness said Tommaso Ciampa would replace Koslov and team with Rocky Romero tonight, and the replacement for Bennett to team with Adam Cole would be a surprise for later this evening. McGuinness was not seen again.

Ohio Valley Wrestling Episode 778 Recap

From Larry Goodman:

This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 778 that will be aired in Louisville on 7/19 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/778

We open with some still clips from last week's main event with Adam Revolver and the returning Michael (not PS) Hayes where Hayes came out victorious followed by Michael Titus revealing himself to be "the boss". A video clip is shown of Titus kicking Timmy Danger in the groinular region followed by Danger being stomped by Revolver and Roberto DeLuna.

After the show opening, we see OUR Streamlined OVW Broadcast Team of "Professor" Dena Hill and "Anchorman" Gilbert Corsey, who are discussing the repercussions of the aforementioned acts, adding that even OUR OVW Owner "Nightmare" Danny Davis declared war on Titus and his people, he feels betrayed by Titus, who had camouflaged his act pretty well.

Ohio Valley Wrestling Results from Portland on July 11

From Brian Slack:
Ohio Valley Wrestling was in Portland, KY on July 11. Results: Jay Best defeated Deonta Davis. Adam Wyld defeated Deonta Davis. Rump Thump defeated Dapper Dan. The Wild Boyz (Eddie F. Diamond & "Party Starter" Bud Dwight) defeated Damian Adams & Raul LaMotta. "Mister Marvelous" Melvin Maximus defeated The Mexicutioner. Michael Hayes & Mike Ashby defeated the OVW Southern Tag Team champions The Fabulous Freebodies (The Bodyguy & Big Jon) in a non-title match.

July 19 Birthdays and Memoriams

Randy Rose, Robert Gibson, Mike Modest, Tony Mamaluke, and Quasi Mandisco celebrate birthdays today.

Frank Fouche died at the age of 78 on this day in 1968, and Larry Hamilton (a/k/a the Missouri Mauler) passed at 65 in 1996. Cavernario Galindo was 75 when he died on this day in 1999, and Eugene Stezycki died at 82 in 2007. Geto Mongol passed away at the age of 82 on this day in 2013.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Ohio Valley Wrestling Results from Louisville, KY on July 16

From Brian Slack:
Ohio Valley Wrestling was in Louisville, KY on July 16 for a TV taping. Results:

Dark matches: Randy Terrez defeated Dapper Dan. Eric Locker defeated Elvis Pridemore. The Congregation ("Pastor of Disaster" Reverend Stuart Miles, "Altar Boy" Jade Dawson & "The Apostle" Jake Glasure) defeated Jay Best, "Ram Jam" Jonathan Ramser & Jack Rebel.

Episode 778: Adam Revolver (w/Michael Titus) defeated "Primetime" Robbie Walker to retain the OVW Television championship. "Rudo" Raul LaMotta defeated Shiloh Jonze. Jamin Olivencia defeated Jason "The Man" Lee. "Mister Marvelous" Melvin Maximus defeated The Bodyguy, Rump Thump and Michael Hayes in a fatal 4 way to become the #1 contender for the OVW Heavyweight championship.

Dark matches: Rebel defeated Jessie Belle. After the match, Jessie Belle attacked Rebel until Mary Elizabeth Monroe made the save. OVW Heavyweight champion Marcus Anthony (w/Michael Titus) defeated Eddie F. Diamond in a non title match.

WWA4 Results from Atlanta on July 17

From Brian Slack:
WWA4 was in Atlanta, GA on July 17. Results: Q defeated Blue Carr. Black Heart defeated Apollo. Axel Ross defeated Ashton Star. Boone defeated Alab. Baron defeated Grizz. DeAtlien defeated Night.

Deep Southern Championship Wrestling in Blue Ridge on July 26

From GWH News:

Deep Southern Championship Wrestling will be at the Farmer’s Market in Blue Ridge, GA, on July 26. Advertised: Cousin Cletus vs. Cyrus the Destroyer in a casket match; plus Cousin Shaggy, Ray Ray, Crash Test Dummy, Tommy Gage, Chad Case, Torque, the Scorpion, Chip Hazard, Logan Chase III, Thomas Gage, the All-Star, and the Dark Shadow. The venue is located at 787 Summit Street. The doors open at 7:00 PM and bell time is at 8:00. Call (706) 633-4396 for more information.

WWA4 in Atlanta on July 24

From GWH News:

WWA4 will be at the WWA4 Wrestling School in Atlanta, GA, on July 24. The venue is located at 4375 Commerce Drive. Bell time is at 8:00 PM. Admission is free of charge. Call (404) 667-1484 for more information.

Peach State Pandemonium Archive Online

Thursday’s edition of Peach State Pandemonium, hosted by Mike Norris, Jay West, Jerry Oates, and Bobby Simmons, featured discussion on wrestling’s strongmen, as well as the passing of Frances Freed, and an appearance from Beau James.

Click here for the archive.

July 18 Birthdays and Memoriams

Carlos Colon, Dusty Wolfe, Al Snow, the Great Sasuke, and Joey Mercury celebrate birthdays today.

John Kronus died at the age of 38 on this day in 2007.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Platinum's Full Disclosure: The Battle for the West Georgia Auto Auction

From Stephen Platinum:

Imagine a human body lying face-up in the middle of Temple, Georgia. It’s out there all alone. The pale skin has begun to take on the odd coloring of death in places. The body wears a white, satin jacket and maroon basketball shorts. The body’s mouth is agape, as if it rested here in the midst of one of those silent screams that you have during a nightmare.

A buzzard lands near the body. It’s a diminutive, squat buzzard with too short-wings. The buzzard is as wide as it is tall. It lands with an unexpected silence and grace. It squawks in triumph at the body, waddles over “patient and confident, savoring the meal to come.” It decides on the eyes first, the eyes and liver are the tastiest bits, after all. The buzzard extends its neck, lowers its head with the beak open slightly, planning on plucking the eye delicately from the socket.

The body lashes out, grabs the buzzard by the throat. The wide-eyed, shocked look of the portly bird is suddenly looking into a funhouse mirror, and the reflection from the body is one of rage and defiance. The not-dead-yet body’s face says it all, “I’m not dead yet.”

Southern States Wrestling News and Notes

From Beau James:

Southern States Wrestling Results on July 16, 2014 in Kingsport, TN. Liam Cross pinned Jamie Gibson; Krunch beat Shane Royal; Rebecca Lynn dcor Misty James; Beau James pinned Scott Sterling; Jake Booth beat Joe Briggs for the SSW TV Title.


Local event promoter Mark Poff was behind this show using SSW ring and crew. It was held at a Cafe Parking lot. The owners wanted events every night this week for the Annual Funfest city wide festival. Two blocks over was Kingsport Idol contest. Less than 5 minutes away was a free movie in Memorial Park. Those were actual Funfest Events advertised by local media and the city. The events at the Cafe were not official Funfest events and were poorly advertised. Every event this week at the Cafe has did awful. 20 or less. They have had concert, wrestling, and block party.

Today is my 40th birthday. October will be my 26th year in Pro Wrestling.

Empire Wrestling Entertainment in Lafayette on July 26

From GWH News:

Empire Wrestling Entertainment will be at the Municipal Park Center in Lafayette, GA, on July 26. Advertised: Logan Alvey vs. Bobby Hayes; plus Lamar Phillips, Joey Lynch, Matt Fortune, the Wyld Stallyns, and the Double Dragons. The venue is located at 638 S. Main Street. The doors open at 6:30 PM and bell time is at 7:30.

Southern Extreme Championship Wrestling in Temple on July 25

From GWH News:

Southern Extreme Championship Wrestling will be at the West Georgia Auto Auction in Temple, GA, on July 25. Advertised: Shaun Tempers & Tristan Daniels vs. the Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson); Brandon Parker vs. Ace Rockwell; Elrod Campbell vs. Odinson; Josh Storm vs. Blackheart; and a four-way featuring Jeremy Foster, Ken Lee, Stanley Summerville, and the Patriot. The venue is located at 119 Villa Rosa Road. The doors open at 6:30 PM and bell time is at 8:00. Call (678) 651-0144 for more information.

Ohio Valley Wrestling in Louisville on July 23

From GWH News:

Ohio Valley Wrestling will be at the Davis Arena in Louisville, KY, on July 23. The venue is located at 4400 Shepherdsville Road. The doors open at 6:30 PM and bell time is at 7:00.

Preview for Peach State Pandemonium

Tonight’s edition of Peach State Pandemonium, hosted by Mike Norris, Jay West, Jerry Oates, and Bobby Simmons, will feature discussion on wrestling’s strongmen.

The broadcast starts at 8:00 PM ET. Click here to listen live at show time. Feel free to call (347) 324-5735 to join in the conversation.

July 17 Birthdays and Memoriams

Daffney, Knux (a/k/a Mike Knox), and Beau James celebrate birthdays today.

Bruiser Brody died at the age of 42 on this day in 1988, after being stabbed in the dressing room at an event the previous night. Pat Roach passed away when he was 68 on this day in 2004, and Al Kashey died at 75 in 2005.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Southern States Wrestling Television from July 13

From Brian Slack:

Anarchy Wrestling Television from July 13

From Brian Slack:

Episode 441

WWE Results from Fayetteville on July 15

From Brian Slack:

WWE was in Fayetteville, NC, on July 15 for a WWE Smackdown taping and a live WWE Main Event. Results:

Dark match: Adam Rose defeated Heath Slater.

WWE Main Event July 15, 2014 episode: Emma defeated Cameron. After the match, Cameron attacked Emma until Naomi made the save. Kofi Kingston & Big E defeated RybAxel (Curtis Axel & Ryback). Sheamus defeated The Miz.

WWE Smackdown July 18, 2014 episode: Alberto Del Rio defeated Kofi Kingston. Alicia Fox vs. Eva Marie ended in a no contest after both wrestlers attacked guest referee Nikki Bella. Chris Jericho defeated Luke Harper (w/Bray Wyatt & Erick Rowan) by DQ after Bray Wyatt & Erick Rowan attacked Chris Jericho. The Usos (Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso) make the save. Dolph Ziggler & Sheamus defeated Fandango & The Miz. AJ Lee & Paige defeated Layla & Summer Rae. Dean Ambrose defeated Kane by DQ after interference from Seth Rollins.

Anarchy Wrestling News and Notes

From Larry Goodman:

The Anarchy Rulz match set to headline Hostile Environment 2014, Mikael Judas & Geter vs. Iceberg & Se7en, is a throwback to Hostile Environment 2005, Anarchy's first attempt at a major show.

During the NCW/NWA Wildside era of wrestling in Cornelia, GA (1999-2005), the major summer event was known at Freedom Fight. The NWA Wildside era ended in April 2005 when Bill Behrens left for WWE and the development program at Deep South Wrestling. The first Hostile Environment event took place on July 30, 2005 and marked the brief and generally uninspired run of Al Getz as primary booker. If memory serves correctly, Todd Sexton ended up as the booker on show night due to Getz's sudden departure from the company.

ProSouth Wrestling in Piedmont on July 18

From GWH News:

ProSouth Wrestling will be at the PSW Arena in Piedmont, AL, on July 18. Advertised: Jimmy Rave & Ace Haven (with Amy Haven) & ThunderStorm (Chris Ganz & Josh Storm) vs. Scott Aries & Jed Johnson & Chris Lightning & Big Tomb (with Gene Jackson); Chris Crunk vs. the Curry Kid and James Hardy vs. Eli Daniels, with the winners facing each other to earn a shot at the PSW All-Out Title; plus Dusty MacWilliams, Drew Game, and the Jump Around Gang. The venue is located at 627 Southern Avenue. Bell time is at 7:00 PM.

NWA Smoky Mountain in Kingsport on July 26

From GWH News:

NWA Smoky Mountain will be at the Civic Auditorium in Kingsport, TN, on July 26. Advertised: Rob Conway defends the NWA World Title against Chris Richards in a cage match; Vince Brent & Wayne Adkins & Air America (Gavin Daring & Skylar Kruze) vs. KAOS (Lance Erikson & Eric Darkstorm & Big Daddy Freddie & Thorn, with John Hawkins) in a cage match; plus Jax Dane, Shynron, Joe Black, Daniel Mulligan, Jeff Connelly, Elliott Russell, Nick Hammonds, and William Huckaby. The venue is located at 1550 Fort Henry Drive. The doors open at 7:00 PM and bell time is at 8:00.

WWE SmackDown in Orlando on July 22

From GWH News:

WWE SmackDown will be at the Amway Center in Orlando, FL, on July 22. Advertised: the Wyatt Family, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Kane, and Sheamus. The venue is located at 400 W. Church Street. Bell time is at 7:00 PM.

July 16 Birthdays and Memoriams

Chris Chetti and Bobby Lashley celebrate birthdays today.

George Arena died at the age of 84 on this day in 1992, and Terry Gordy passed at 40 in 2001. Jose Miguel Perez, Sr. was 68 when he passed away on this day in 2005, and Bob Orton, Sr., died at 76 in 2006.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

NWA Welcomes Vendetta Pro Wrestling

From NWA Ringside:

“The NWA is pleased to announce its expansion into California with the addition of Vendetta Pro Wrestling,” said NWA President R. Bruce Tharpe. “This promotion has worked hard to develop a reputation for integrity and first class pro wrestling. We are excited about them joining the NWA team.”

“At the 2014 Cauliflower Alley "Casino Royale" pro wrestling event, Vendetta Pro Wrestling hosted the NWA World title match between Satoshi Kojima and Rob Conway as well as a handful of other NWA matches,” added NWA CEO Chris Ronquillo. “When CAC wrapped up, the NWA and Vendetta Pro Wrestling teams came to the conclusion that going forward, we should work together under the NWA banner. Today it's our pleasure to announce that reality as we expand the NWA's coverage into California with the addition of Vendetta Pro Wrestling to the NWA's family of licensed promotions.”

Empire Wrestling Entertainment in Rossville on July 19

From GWH News:

Empire Wrestling Entertainment will be at the Empire Arena in Rossville, GA, on July 19. Advertised: Cyrus the Destroyer vs. Rush; the Rev’s Midnight Black Mass with Shaun Tempers and Ace Rockwell; plus Chris Crunk, Johnny Viper, Joey Lynch, Ryan Vega, Logan Alvey, Matt Fortune, and Bane Lynch. The venue is located at 22 Austin Avenue. The doors open at 7:00 PM and bell time is at 8:05 PM.